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Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SME's

Project Co-ordinator:
Uwe Kirchhoff
ATB Institute for Applied Systems
Technology Bremen
Tel: +49 421 220920
Fax: +49 421 2209210

Partners: ATB(DE), Brüggen(DE), CARSA(ES), DERI(IE), OAS(DE), ProDV(DE), Sidheán(IE), Softrónica(ES), Telefónica(ES), TNS(PL), TRIMEK(ES)

Oct 2005 - Sept 2008

The AMI-4-SME Project

The AMI-4-SME project is aiming at a "Revolution in Industrial Environments" - Finding new technological and organisational approaches to enable Manufacturing SMEs to use Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation. The next revolutionary step in process innovation in industry is to radically innovate the whole industrial working environment, by focusing it upon the main actor in industry: the human actor, and by applying emerging systemic innovation approaches. The application of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Technology can be considered as a key enabler to achieve such advances in the working environment. And especially SMEs need to be systematically enabled to actively take part in this revolution.

You can download a project flyer, providing a short description of the project and its results.

What to achieve by the AMI-4-SME project?

Which benefits can be achieved by using the project results?

First project results and more information can be downloaded via the results page.

To verify the achievement of the expected business benefits for SMEs, the project incorporates 5 business cases realised by manufacturing SMEs.

Whom to ask for support?

How to contribute to the project work?

When did the project start and what's the schedule?

Where to meet the consortium?

Who is carrying out the project work?

International Cooperation - IMS Dimension

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