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Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SME's

Project Co-ordinator:
Uwe Kirchhoff
ATB Institute for Applied Systems
Technology Bremen
Tel: +49 421 220920
Fax: +49 421 2209210

Partners: ATB(DE), Brüggen(DE), CARSA(ES), DERI(IE), OAS(DE), ProDV(DE), Sidheán(IE), Softrónica(ES), Telefónica(ES), TNS(PL), TRIMEK(ES)

Oct 2005 - Sept 2008

AmI Products & Services as results of the AMI-4-SME project

AMI-4-SME ICT vendor partners are keen on an answer to the question: "How to penetrate the SME marketplace with innovative AmI solutions?" Therefore, the project intensively analysed the SME innovation needs within the business cases. This clearly indicated the SMEs' need for highly tailored turn-key solutions, required to guarantee the realisation of business benefits and competitive advantage.

To effectively serve those SME needs with turn-key solutions in a suitable price range, the AMI-4-SME project elaborated the following results:

Systemic Innovation in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

AMI-4-SME provides results, enabling SMEs to take advantage of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) potentials. To achieve this, the project harmonised and jointly coordinated the development of the AmI building blocks, the AMI-4-SME software platform and the AMI-4-SME Methodology. They can be used in combination or as single modules - highly facilitating the realisation of AmI based solutions.

To benefit from these AMI-4-SME results, SMEs, consultancies as well as ICT providers can use them based on different license models. Several components are provided free-of-charge, while others as well as the AMI-4-SME partners' individual consultancy are offered at moderate costs. Specifically the following consultancy and products can be provided:

For further support, please contact an AMI-4-SME project partner within your region.