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Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SME's

Project Co-ordinator:
Uwe Kirchhoff
ATB Institute for Applied Systems
Technology Bremen
Tel: +49 421 220920
Fax: +49 421 2209210

Partners: ATB(DE), Brüggen(DE), CARSA(ES), DERI(IE), OAS(DE), ProDV(DE), Sidheán(IE), Softrónica(ES), Telefónica(ES), TNS(PL), TRIMEK(ES)

Oct 2005 - Sept 2008

5 Business Cases for Test and Validation

AMI-4-SME incorporates 5 Business Cases (BC), where AmI (i.e. mobile devices, smart tags and speech recognition) will be used in SME environments. BC1 and BC5 are application of the new Reference model concept for advanced control, while BC2 and BC4 are focusing on Maintenance. BC3 is a combination of both models: