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Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SME's

Project Co-ordinator:
Uwe Kirchhoff
ATB Institute for Applied Systems
Technology Bremen
Tel: +49 421 220920
Fax: +49 421 2209210

Partners: ATB(DE), Brüggen(DE), CARSA(ES), DERI(IE), OAS(DE), ProDV(DE), Sidheán(IE), Softrónica(ES), Telefónica(ES), TNS(PL), TRIMEK(ES)

Oct 2005 - Sept 2008

AMI-4-SME Methodology

Particular in manufacturing SMEs, constraints like limited investment potentials and investment risks, limited staff quantity and qualification to drive business process innovations often create a strong reluctance to innovation. Therefore, the project offers the AMI-4-SME Methodology providing clear instructions and guidelines how to address the successful utilisation of the new AmI technologies to create measurable business benefits on short to medium term and enabling SMEs to keep pace with the innovation speed at large companies.

To cover all aspects of planning, specification and implementation of process improvements, the AMI-4-SME Methodology is divided in three phases (i.e. Analysis, Specification & Selection and Implementation), each including "explicit execution instructions" for the SME's employees. Moreover, to facilitate the practical realisation, the methodology provides SMEs with all necessary guidelines and templates, as presented in the following Table, which are needed for self-contained implementation of improvement measures.

Overview on public available documents and templates for applying the AMI-4-SME Methodology.
Phase AMI-4-SME Methodology Support
All Methodology Handbook, covering all life-cycle phases, including:
  • Guidelines and working instructions for the realisation of all work steps for realising process improvements
  • Best Practices Reference Scheme
  • Business Process Reference Model and related Best Practices
  • AmI Reference Model and AmI Feature Reference Schemes
  • Measurement Concept
Analysis & Conception
  • Template for Analysis Report
  • Template for Implementation Concept Report
Specification & Selection
  • Template for Procedure Description
  • Template for Monitoring Concept Report
  • Template for Process Indicator Concept Report
  • Template for ICT Requirement Specification
  • Template for ICT Solution Selection Report
  • Guidelines and Checklists for the Realisation of the ICT-Solution
  • Template for Clarification of Discrepancies between the Company and Suppliers
  • Template for Documentation of Software Faults/ Enhancements
  • Template for Verification of Business Benefits and Pay-Back- Period

The AMI-4-SME Methodology is supporting a traceable improvement process driven by the company staff, enabling informed decisions of the management:

Furthermore, the AMI-4-SME Methodology provides an approach for the assessment of AmI based innovation potentials, enabling SMEs to make decisions on the following key topics, without being experts on AmI technologies:

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