1. License Conditions
    1. The Support Material will be made available for downloading free of charge, without any implied guarantee or warranty.
    2. All provided information and material is free of charge only for it's usage in SME companies.
    3. The use of downloaded Support Material is not permitted for consultancy activities without additional license agreements.
    4. Should consultancy organizations intend to use this material for consultancy services, the respective license agreements have to be arranged with the methodology owner.
    5. Subject matter of agreement is the downloaded Support Material.
    6. The methodology owner grants simple and personal rights (license) for usage of the downloaded Support Material. Any further rights require special written settlements.
    7. It is explicitly prohibited to amend or alter, to translate, to revert, or to decompile and/or to disassemble downloaded software.
    8. The methodology and downloaded Support Material are protected through copyright. The methodology owner specifically cautions the Licensee is liable for any damages caused by breach of copyright. Any identified violation of copyright will inevitably lead to legal procedures.
    9. The application of other methodologies in connection with downloaded Support Material is subject to the license conditions of the respective owner.
    10. Liability for the correctness of downloaded Support Material and through eventually resulting, indirect or consequential damage is according to § 521 BGB limited to intentional and culpable negligence.
  2. Warrantee

    Warrantee liability for property and legal deficiencies according to §§ 523, 524 BGB is limited to fraudulent concealed defects.

  3. Location of Execution and Jurisdiction

    Place of fulfillment is Bremen, Germany. Jurisdiction for both parties in any amount is the competent district Court of Bremen. Should one of the preceding provisions become invalid according to BGB (§§ 305 ff.), subsequently due to this invalidity the disadvantaged party can substitute this provision through a current admissible provision, in which the purpose of the invalid provision is furthermost achieve.

  4. Legal Choice

    The law applicable to this license agreement shall be the law of Germany.

  5. Acceptance of Contract agreement

    By downloading the Support-Materials the Licensee totally accepts all license agreements.